"Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself."

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Rose Tattoo (by royal2021)
inked (by Ira Chernova)
Anna Paland (by Ira Chernova)
The Top Ten Tattoo Commandments

I: Thou shalt not steal other peoples’ designs

II: Thou shalt thoroughly research artists and shops before making a decision

III: Thou shalt thoroughly think through thy design, and shalt not be afraid to make adjustments

IV: Thou shalt suffer for thy art - (do not complain about the pain or itching… it is inevitable)

V: Thou shalt not get a tattoo whilst drunk or high

VI: Thou shalt not barter with the artist for a cheaper price - mainly out of respect, but also out of the ol’ saying - “good tattoos aren’t cheap, and cheap tattoos aren’t good”

VII: Thou shalt triple-check thy spelling on text/quote tattoos

VIII: Thou shalt follow aftercare instructions

IX: Thou shalt not pick thy scabs

X: Thou shalt always use sunscreen on tattooed areas and look after thy skin

Well, fuck
Artist: Emily Rose
Thomas Hooper @ Saved Tattoo
Michelle Tarantelli @ Saved Tattoo
Progress on my boyfriends' sleeve, done by Dan @ Artistic Skin Tattoo in Western Australia. 
Artist: David Hale
Artist: David Hale
Artist: Peter Aurisch
Artist: Peter Aurisch